THANK YOU to all who participated in the 32nd Annual Lombardi Gala! 

Because of your generosity, we all are one step closer to ending cancer.



The 32nd Annual Lombardi Gala

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 From left to right: Devon Still, daughter Leah, and fiance Asha Joyce
Devon Still Remains Focused on the Fight Against Cancer | Article and Photo by AP News

An update on our 2016 NFLPA Awardee, Devon Still, and his daughter Leah who was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. Then and now, we are inspried by the courage of Devon and Leah and the Still family in the fight against cancer. 

"Regardless of what you're hearing from the doctors, regardless of what your prognosis is, or you read on the Internet, as long as your child is alive, you still have a chance to really win this battle with cancer. Leah failed her first treatment. The cancer ended up spreading all over her body. But because we didn't give up, we didn't throw in the towel, my daughter is now going on four years in remission." ~ Devon Still

DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the NFL Player's Association, was honored with the 2018 Margaret L. Hodges Leadership Award at the 32nd Annual Lombardi Gala.


The 32nd Lombardi Gala: In the News

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